Toni Frissell

Toni Frissell was an American photographer known greatly for her fashion photography and her portraits of a variety of people from around the world. She worked with many famous photographers of the time under the guidance of Javier Hernandez and Edward Steichen before securing her job as a fashion photographer for Vogue. Looking at Frissell’s underwater photography has really inspired, with my concepts stongly influenced by her work.




This underwater photograph by Frissell shows a woman in a white dress just beneath the surface of the water, yet their face is above the body of water. I absolutely love this photograph; I’d describe it as my ideal perfect image for underwater photography. Where we can see the distorted reflection of the surface at the top of the image, it’s almost as if the figure is floating up into a new world. The reason I would describe her as ascending rather than falling out of the new world is due to her posture, and where her face is above the surface, it’s as if she’s embracing this “other dimension”. I also really like the contrast between her white a dress, and grey dullness surrounding her. Not only does this strengthen the focal point, but also perceives the figure as almost being divine.


The next underwater portrait by Frissell shows a ballet dancer standing straight, with the top half of their head above the water. What I like about this image is the eerie cold atmosphere created by the body of water that surrounds the figure. I also really like the surrealistic elements of this image, where we can only see her mouth, whilst the rest of her head is blurred and distorted amongst the reflection of the surface; An aspect I feel would be really strong in contributing to our theme.



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