Second Photo Shoot

For my second shoot, I had rough ideas of what I wanted to take images of and I knew I wanted to use the Nikon D200 to accomplish them. I knew I wanted to shoot with my model wearing a full suit and tie just for a nicer attire of clothing to make the images more aesthetically pleasing. And finally, I knew I wanted these images to respond to Toni Frissell and Liat Ahroni’s work. The images responded to the theme “surface” through the concept of descending form the surface, and the use of distorting the subject using the surfaces’ reflection. Overall I feel this photo shoot went well, developing and progressing from my first photo shoot.

This photograph shows a figure in a suit supposedly falling into the water. I liked the potential of this image due to the posture of the figure and the lighting throughout the photo. Unfortunately, I forgot to brush the bubbles away from the lens when going underwater, making the image seem noisy. I also feel the wall to the right ruins the aesthetic of the image.


This next photograph shows an arm pushing through the surface of the water, creating a trail of bubbles. After taking he photograph, I darkened the area surrounding the subject matter and heightened the clarity in order to strengthen and define the trail of bubbles. The concept of this image was pretty abstract; making shapes out of the trail of bubbles, I was aiming to for the image to portray space, with each bubble representing a star. The hand in the image would represent “the creator” of the universe. Overall, I feel my representation of this concept was weak, and I wasn’t particularly pleased with the result.



This next photograph shows a figure in a suit from their chin downwards with their arms and legs spread. At the top of the image, we can see the surface mirror the figure’s body. In post production, I heightened the clarity to define the reflection in the surface of the water, and then adjusted the green and blue RGB paths, creating a cross process effect, which I feel compliments the surreal atmosphere of the image. I’m happy with this image just due to its composition and its aesthetics, and I feel it fits in nicely with the theme of our module.



The photograph below shows a figure falling straight on through the surface of the water, their arms held up high. I took the shot just after my model had jumped into the pool. After taking the shot, I darkened the lower half of the image, fading out the figures’ legs and the background. I then heightened the clarity slightly in order to define the bubble surrounding the figure. The concept behind this image was the loss of identity through the use of bubbles, distorting the figures face. I feel this has worked to an extent, but we are still able to see the figure’s face, making the concept rather weakly portrayed.





This photograph shows a figure in a suit, falling from the surface of the water and descending into darkness. After taking the shot, I lowered the saturation of the image slightly before making the majority of the image back. This helped t concentrate on the subject matter, as well as pronounce that concept that the figure is descending into a deeper and darker place. Heavily inspired by Frissell and Aharoni’s work, I’m very happy with the result of this image, and would consider it my personal favourite in this module due to it’s aesthetics. The only thing I’m sceptical about is the darkness mixing with the black suit of the figure, loosing the shape and form of this body. It’s something I’m indifferent about, as I can’t decide if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, as I feel it compliments the aesthetic of the image as a whole.



The next photograph shows a figure from their chin down, standing on the floor of a swimming pool whilst adjusting their tie. I’m really happy with the composition of this image, especially the distortion of their face due to be above the surface of the water, destroying their identity in the image. Overall I’m pretty pleased with this image, with it’s a quirky and surreal atmosphere.



This last image shows a strip in which the majority of the image is darkness but at the top shows a hand reaching out to the surface. I really like the concept of this image, portraying a hand emerging from the darkness, reaching out for the light. I’m always happy with the composition, as I feel it gives it a certain aesthetic. The big problem however s the fact that it’s been cropped, and can’t really be used for much or printed as a final.






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