Liat Aharoni

Liat Aharoni is an upcoming fine art photography. Her main explorations into photography focus on identity , the transformation of narratives elevated beyond realism into surrealism, and the dualities between the beautiful and the grotesque. Her fine art work has involved the use of underwater photography and has made an impact on my concepts for this project.



This photograph by Aharoni shows a figure submerged in a body of water with their head above the surface, holding a couple of flowers in their right hand. I saw great similarities between this image a Frissell’s, almost like a reconstruction. However, with this image, I considered the figure to be falling from the surface rather than embracing. I really like the concept of this image, viewing the flowers and the white dress as a symbolism of innocence and beauty; the distortion and texture of the surface compliments the beauty of the image.


Aharoni’s next photograph shows a figure falling into darkness, flailing their limbs around whilst looking up to the surface. What really stands out to me in this image is the symbolism of struggle; I feel the posture of the body and the look of desperation on the figures’ face portrays this concept very well. I also really like the different tones in lighting from the reflection of the water, covering the skin of the figure, as although we can’t see the surface of the water, we are able to understand that she is submerged and descending.



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