Emma Critchley

Emma Critchley is a photographer from the Royal College of Art, who specialises in fine art underwater photography and moving image. Crtichley’s work has a signature aesthetic of having their subject matter in the centre, or surrounded by darkness, producing a dark, lonely atmosphere, yet also letting us concentrate on the focal point, and the unique shape and form she is able to create in her images.

Critchley’s photograph “suspended” shows a figure in the foetal postion, surrounded by dark void. What really draws my attention to this photograph is how minimalistic, yet poweful the image is. To me, this image screams out loneliness and fear, as they cuddle up to hide from the darkness surrounding them. Another thing I like about this image is the subtle blue lighting tones on the figure’s skin, which I feel compliments the cold, sinister atmosphere.


This next photograph is from Critchley’s “Surface” series. We can see a naked body suspended in the centre of darkness that surrounds them, they have become unrecognisable due to the distortion of their body, destroying their identity. Once again, I like the minimalism in this image, making as concentrate solely on one subject. The lighting tones on the figures’ skin really compliment the surrealistic elements of this image, and I really like the deformation of the figure, as if they have been engulfed by the fear surrounding them.




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