Andrew Nadolski

We recently had a lecture from Andrew Nadolski, a photographer and graphic designer from Cornwall. Nadolski studied graphics design at Exeter College of art specialising in design and photography. He explained to us that he exhibits his fine art work, which is considered to be more of his passion, but also works as a designer and freelance photographer to a good financial income. He also likes to add a scientific element in his exhibitions, talking about geology and sea levels, as this creates extra interest for the viewer and give more insight into his photography. All of his fine art work is shot on film with colour negatives shooting with a standard 80mm lens. Nadolski is also working with a fellow photographer Paul Graham, being part of a website called “OnLandScape”. Nadolski told us a story about how after a heart breaking break up, he went down to his favourite hidden away beach, and began taking photos for a book he was going to make in an attempt to win his ex-girlfriend. By the end of creating his book, he realised that he wasn’t going to accomplish winning his past love, but had created some phenomenal work of the coastline, with long shutter speeds of the water running over the rocks. By the end, he achieved a great result of having exhibitions of the work as well as selling it for a decent price.

Nadolski also creates the prospectuses for private schools, a great annual piece of commission work that in a line of practice you don’t really hear about. The difference in Nadolski’s work is very different compared to the usual prospectuses you would see; these seemed a lot more creative and portrayed with a more photojournalistic atmosphere.


Nadolski gave us some great words of advice for future reference, mentioning that being a jack of trades will certainly help your career as there are so many photographers out in the open world now. Nadolski has fine art, graphics design, web design and freelance commercial photographer under his belt, making him a lot more employable to the majority. He also mentioned how keeping your prices for your images high is something you should always do, as that would be the highest you ever get for that image. He sells his photos an average at £600, which he claims as the highest amount would make for that particular image, and once that image is sold, It falls under the buyer who can make the next best deal.


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